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LoneStarRuby Conf 2013 – Elixir: Power of Erlang, Joy of Ruby by Dave Thomas

An nice presentation from Dave Thomas about Elixir, at rubyconf :-).

As similar as his Programming Elixir book, it is pretty much well organized. A nice introduction for the Elixir.

The future is functional
The future is concurrent

The above statement (around 2:10) is interesting. Recently, languages which have these aspects are gathering attention. Along with JavaScript, Golang, Scala and Elixir/Erlang would be gaining popularities. Ruby also has concurrent models (through Fibre or etc.), but Elixir/Erlang’s built-in functional paradigm feels like changing the way of programming.

As discussed in the presentation (around 18:00), fibonacci definition is a good explanation of concise and declarative expression of Elixir.

I like this example.

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