Ohm Is A Smarter, Lighter Car Battery That Works With Your Existing Car

How to see it soon in Singapore



While you probably don’t think about them until you have to, automotive batteries — the chunky boxes that helps start your car’s gas engine — are pretty terrible.

They die without warning, leaving you stranded. They weigh as much as a small child, making them tough to swap and eating into your gas mileage. They’re filled with garbage materials that are terrible for the planet.

And yet, the technology behind them hasn’t really changed much in the past few decades.

Ohm, part of YC’s Summer 2015 class, wants to change that. It’s a lighter, smarter, drop-in replacement for your existing battery.

Most automotive batteries weigh around 40 pounds, with lead plates accounting for over half of that weight.

Ohm gets the job done while coming in at just 6 pounds.


Instead of lead plates, Ohm brings in a more modern, two-part system: an EDLC supercapacitor capable of dumping enough…

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